Morning all! Today we thought we’d go back to basics and discuss about the different styles of dancing. Every dancer develops their own style, and some are recognized worldwide for the distinct flavor they bring to tango. Yet, traditionally there are three dancing styles.

Milonguero: The style Milonguero originates from the term milonga, social dancing. The embrace is very close, the chests are against each other and the dancers are leaning against each other. The movements are relatively small, to allow for other couples to dance socially next to each other.

Tango Salon: In Tango Salon, the embrace is close as well, but the dancers do not lean as much against each others, and sometimes even release the embrace –for example in the turns. A lot of tango competitions today are focused on Tango Salon solely.

Tango Nuevo: often danced on electronic tango music, but also on traditional music, Tango Nuevo mixes influences from tango and contemporary dance. The embrace is open and the movements are wider. 

And then there’s the one you create….

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