Picture from Jason Fricke: http://www.jasonfricke.com/
Picture from Jason Fricke: http://www.jasonfricke.com/

If you want to improve your dancing, listen to a lot of music… so, as promised during last Musicality class, here are the four Orchestras to know about: Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese. 

We focused on these four orchestras because they are the most influential, but there are obviously plenty more. Below are some of their most famous songs, the ones you will hear a lot in milongas. For each orchestra, the first song is instrumental, then we selected three others with some of the most famous singers. Again, there are other signers.

Di Sarli, ‘el señor del tango’ (the ‘sir’ of tango) – walking, elegance, light 

D’Arienzo, ‘el rey del compas’ (the king of the beat) – more choppy, all about rhythm

Troilo, ‘el Gordo’ (a surname that does not reflect the quality of the music) – 

Pugliese – more dramatic, usually danced at the end of the milonga, when the dancefloor is less full (as dancers tend to dance with wider movements on Pugliese)

Happy listening! 



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