It’s been a busy year here at Tango Space, with classes, milongas, the production of online courses and setting up tango classes in Paris (coming soon). But also with the launch of our blog, and discovering that we have an audience who wants to learn more about tango online. So to finish the year, here’s a round-up of the blog posts you’ve preferred, by number of unique visitors!

7 secrets from my tango giants

Tango learnings from days of brainstorming on our online course  

Stronger feet muscles for dancing on heels 

What intrisinc muscles are and how to strengthen them

Tango: more than a dance…

Why you need to learn more than the steps at the beginning of your journey 

Quality of movement 

How thinking volumes changes your dance 

The most important thing to learn in your tango journey

The skill to learn if you want to truly dance tango 

Dancing alone, dancing together

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