It’s incredible how so many dancers today capture our hearts with their musicality, power, precision, elegance, or creativity… But because 2015 deserves a round-up, we’ve selected here 10 of our favorite performances of the year. It’s been a heated debate, and after many long discussions, here are our final ten. Enjoy!

Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado – Maquillaje

Exquisite connection and musicality


Stefania Colina and Juan Martin Carrara – Cornetin

Seeing them dance is always extraordinary because of the emotion and connection they convey. They are lovely people, on and off the dancefloor. And yes, she was pregnant at the time…


Jimena Hoeffner y Fernanco Carrasco

They take the dancefloor by storm with incredible strength and pride. Jimena is an powerful follower, and Fernando with beautiful precision.


Josefina Bermudez y Fabian Peralta – No mientas

They are coming to London in June for the UK Tango Festival


Coca y Osvaldo Cartery – Una vez

A tribute to one of Tango’s true maestros who sadly passed away a few months ago. Coca and Osvaldo were World Champions in 2004.


Clarisa Aragón y Jonathan Saavedra – Por Que Regresas

The new hot couple on the tango world stage. In addition to the lovely poise and musicality you see here, we saw them dance in Paris and were blown away by their energy… and youth… 


Roxana Suarez y Sebastián Achaval – Paciencia

We love the purity of the line, playfulness and musicality. Dancing at its very best.


Alejandra Mantiñan y Danilo Maddalena

Alejandra Mantiñan is slightly less exuberant than when dancing with Aoniken Quiroga but as graceful, musical and breathtaking as always…


María Inés Bogado & Sebastián Jiménez – Bomboncito

As always, perfectly musical, precise and soulful dancing 


Rocia Garcia Liendo y Juan Pablo Bulich

Our heart goes to the Mundial de Pista, but this performance by Rocia Garcia Liendo y Juan Pablo Bulich for the Escenario competition this August in Buenos Aires was so unique that we wanted to share it. 

What about you? Which ones are your favorite performances of 2015?

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