Absolute greatest pleasure of life? Waking up, making coffee and watching videos of awesome tango performances that happened all over the world the night before…

Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m sure that throughout the year, dancers in Buenos Aires, Paris, HK, London… have inspired you….whether with the playfulness of their dancing, their presence on the dance floor or the quirky choreography. 

What we, at tango Space, care about in a performance is not so much the steps: we love to see the connection between the dancers, the dancing’s musicality, and the personality of each dancer. 

So, we have gathered a selection of couples who keep inspiring us, and have been a great presence on milonga dance floors, to share with you. Enjoy!

Pssst: some of these dancers are already booked to come and teach/perform at our Light Temple milonga in 2017; Stay tuned for awesome classes in Central London!

Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari

For the musicality and the youthful playfulness


Graciela Gonzalez & Leonardo Sardella

Because seriously no-one compares to La Leona del Tango…

Silvina Valz & Fernando Galera

Because of the simplicity and strength of their dancing.

Moira Castellano & Javier Rodriguez

For the elegance and purity of their dancing

Clarissa Aragòn & Jonathan Saavedra

Such a beautiful balance between strength and softness in their dancing

Alejandra Mantina Aoniken Quiroga

Because in addition to a perfect technique and dazzling musicality, their performances are incredible fun

Jimena Hoeffner y Fernando Carrasco

Because of the serious badass following happening there, and how wonderful of a leader he is

Leonardo Sardella and Gaston Olguin

This one is at our home! We invited Leonardo Sardella and Gaston Olguin to perform at our milonga tango Light Temple last summer and loved their musicality, versatility and sense of fun!

Agustina Vignou and Hugo Mastrolorenzo

They took the tango championship by storm in August with the originality of their scenario performance

Final night of the Mujercitas Tango Festival

Amazing women-galore with the finale of Mujercita’s tango Festival in August

That’s 10, but there are so many more! We’d love to hear from you, and hear about the other dancers who inspire your dancing.

2 important side-notes:

  1. If youtube blocks your access to these videos because you are on the other side of the world, sorry for the tease! I hope the post inspires to check out those amazing dancers online/when they come near you.
  2. Did you see what I did there? I put the ladies’ names first. Because who runs the world? Girls … 🙂

That said, it’s time to say our goodbyes: we are now closing for the Christmas break (last class in London: 15th Dec – last class in Paris: 18th Dec)  the and wish you all the best for this end of year 2016.

See you in 2017!


Pablo & Anne

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